Thread: underscore and variable names

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    underscore and variable names


    I read somewhere that its not recommented to start variable names with underscores such as _list, _some_member, etc..

    However, I read somewhere else that there is nothing wrong with that..

    Im used to write variable names with underscores (especially class members) so I write _member instead m_member..

    So what is the proper/right way?

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    For class members it's fine. For other variables you should avoid it because compilers tend to use names beginning with _ for things you shouldn't mess around with. For example (my) stdio.h contains:
    __MINGW_IMPORT FILE _iob[];	/* An array of FILE imported from DLL. */
    #endif /* __DECLSPEC_SUPPORTED */
    #define stdin	(&_iob[STDIN_FILENO])
    #define stdout	(&_iob[STDOUT_FILENO])
    #define stderr	(&_iob[STDERR_FILENO])
    If you happened to make a variable named _iob in your program, then stdin, stdout and stderr would stop working in the scope of that variable.

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    A huge combination of names beginning with _ are reserved for use by the system.
    Generally speaking, it's much simpler to avoid their use altogether in your code.
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