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    Talking My First Program!

    Hey all, i have finished my very first C++ Program
    Its only a very basic Calculator type thing, but i made it compleatly from memory.
    Sorry if this is off topic but im soo happy i made something, please check it out and tell me what you think

    This is a Rar zip and includes the source and the exe. Thanks guys

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    I have a suggestion, put the file(s) in a host that will let non-members look at them. Also, the program sounds pretty simple, no reason to zip or rar them. Just directly upload the cpp file. Oh, and General Discussion is the place to show of your shiny new program, not the question zones.

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    Also, I would advise you not to send .exe files around. Most coders won't ever trust them and will compile your code instead of using the pre-built executable file.

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