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    funny error

    I have a code using switch function and it gives the following error error:

    jump to case label error: crosses initialization of ‘LaGenMatDouble delta_QQ’
    What does it mean?

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    It means that the initializasion of LaGenMatDouble delta_QQ is done in one case and probably used in other...
    You should place braces around case where the declaraton of the LaGenMatDouble delta_QQ is done
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    It's complaining because you might have writen code that looks like this, which wont print 42 when foo is 2 because it skipped over the line where foobar gets its value.
    I thought that this usually only gave a warning though.
    switch (foo) {
        case 1:
            int foobar = 21;
            cout << foobar;
        case 2:
            cout << foobar*2;
    By putting braces around the code in case 1, foobar is no longer in scope in case 2 and the problem becomes obvious, and you definitely get an error.
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