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    Question Advice?

    Ok Im not exacly a newbie I have read a book alomst front to back on C++ (C++ With Out Fear, Brian Overland) and I do not know what to do next. I really wanna make something, I have had a intrest in C++ since I was like 11 (17 now) I was never really good in math or real problom sovling but it helps if its something I can actually interact with like a lab book or something. I am self-teaching myself and I am really tired of reading. I took a break for like a month an here I am I REALLY want to learn this and Im willing to do really about anything, and I know it will take time but Im hoping to be able talk make real programs soon. Well Im a senior in hight school to graduate in like 3 weeks so I have time to dedicate...I know alot about computers so if someone that knows some stuff about C++ help me like point me what to do next, or good interactive stuff or something I would really like that, you can ether reply here or AIM\e-mail at <<snipped>>.

    Thanks a ton,
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    There's all sorts of things you can do.

    Forums such as this have a regular supply of problems posted, and it's worthwhile in itself to see if you can actually solve those problems.

    You could try your hand at answering some questions. When you can clearly explain something to someone else, and have your answer stand up to the scrutiny of the community, then you're in good shape.

    Later on, find an open source project which is on the lookout for fresh programming talent (most of them are it seems). Find something which interests you, study the code in detail and then start by finding and fixing a small bug or two.
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