Thread: Break statement issues, how to return to start of loop?

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    Break statement issues, how to return to start of loop?

    I have a loop that was executing in infinity. Now my issue is that I have included break statements for each container size, but this will stop the loop. I have tried to return to the start of the loop, but it didn't seem to change anything. I have also tried to use a 'do' loop and incremently count with a 'for', but that didn't seem to work either. Does the statement 'dooflingy -= 50;' make sense to act like a counter? When executed the container size will increment only once, i.e. 55 is entered the huge size will increment 1, but the medium will not count.
    /*Purpose:  Read number of Dooflingies to be shipped and display
    **	    the number of huge, large, medium, & small containers
    **	    needed to send the shipment in the minimum number
    **	    of containers and with the minimum amount of wasted space.
    **Input:	    Enter Dooflingy totals to be shipped.
    **Output:   Display a column of 'Container' with the seperate container 
    **	    size limits huge = 50, large = 20, medium = 5, small = 1.
    **	    A second column 'Number' will display the container size amounts.
    #include <iostream>		//cin, cout, <<, >>
    using namespace std;
    //start of main
    int main()
         int huge = 0, large = 0, medium = 0, small = 0, dooflingy = 0;
         //input dooflingies to be shipped
         cout << "\nEnter the number of Dooflingies to be shipped: "; 	
         cin >> dooflingy;
         cout << "\nYou entered " << dooflingy << endl;						
         //count dooflingy totals
         while(dooflingy > 0)		/*loop executes, but stops w/ break*/
              if(dooflingy > 50)		//huge container is a quantity of 50
                    dooflingy -= 50;                       
             else if(dooflingy > 20)		//large container is a quantity of 20
                   dooflingy -= 20;
             else if(dooflingy > 5)	             //medium container is a quantity of 5
                   dooflingy -= 5;
              else if(dooflingy > 1)		//small container is a quantity of 1
                   dooflingy -= 1;
    	 //display output
    	 cout << "\nContainer\tNumber"  
    	 << "\n=========\t======"  
    	 << "\n  Huge\t\t   "  << huge 
    	 << "\n  Large\t\t   "  << large
    	 << "\n  Medium\t   "  << medium
    	 << "\n  Small\t\t   "  << small << endl;
    	 return 0;

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    try using continue. break will force execution to continue after the loop block (outside of the loop), and continue will make execution jump to the loop control statement.

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    Can you post your attempt without any break statements.
    On the face of it, it would seem to be fine without them.
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    You don't need any of the breaks or continues, by the way. Using continue is kind a meaningless because the parts of the loop you want to skip are skipped anyway by the if else chain. Eventually the input number becomes 0 and the loop exits naturally.

    There's also another solution with division and modulus:
        huge = dooflingy / 50;
        dooflingy &#37;= 50;
        large = dooflingy / 20;
        dooflingy %= 20;
        medium = dooflingy / 5;
        dooflingy %= 5;
        small = dooflingy / 1;
    If you have heard of arrays, you might be able to see a pattern here and turn that into a nice 3-line loop
    I might be wrong.

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