View Poll Results: What kind of thing should we make?

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  • RPG Game

    10 47.62%
  • Action/Adventure Game

    1 4.76%
  • 1st Person Shooter

    5 23.81%
  • Utility type thing (Browser ect.)

    5 23.81%
  • Other

    0 0%

Thread: "Join Group" - Preliminary Poll (All interested in joining/Members VOTE!)

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    I still have my copy of the first boxed set, with the plastic mini's of the lawsuit mechs.
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    The best btech site I have ever been to is It has a whole archive of stuff.
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    "Circular logic is good because it is."

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    seems theres a lot of people on here interested that hav'nt sent thier stuff... im incuraged by the current 5 members (including myself), but I know there is at leaste 18 people interested as well as these, I couldent the poll votes. (as of yesterday). So if you are interested PLEASE email me your AIM Handle as well as preffered user name. I will get nback to you as soon as possible, if I am home I will respond within 5 minutes. If you interested and do not register, the group may not have enouf members and it will not happen. So if you are interested please register.

    Thank you, (webmaster and group leader) SPH

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    minime's right. First we make something simple to see how we cooperate. Then we can make other things. Who said it's just gonna be ONE project? We can do several things, maybe even at the same time.
    And yes, email minime to get registred (the board is at, so that we can get started.

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