Thread: Threaded models under VC++?

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    Threaded models under VC++?

    Anybody can point me to any implementation or examples of threading models (direct threading, tails calls, trampolines, string threading, call threaded code, labels as values?, etc) applied with MS Visual C++ 6? (any libraries or useful links).

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    I believe labes-as-values is an extention to C for GCC, so I don't think it's guarenteed to work with MSVC++ 6. You would need to check the documentation for that compiler to see how it supports it, if it does.

    As far as trampolines and hooks go, unless you know what you're doing and have a documentated case for doing it, you are likely to shoot yourself in the foot many times over. Learn the basics of whatever it is you need to learn, and make sure what you want to do merits writing so much code to mutilate other code.

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