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    C++ Books!!

    I looked at the books this site recommends and some other threads people posted, but Im still not sure which book I should buy. I have three books: Programming and Problem Solving with C++, C++ How To Program, Absolute C++. I used the first for my class, and the others I got from a friend. But all these books dont really have a lot of code examples for me to practice.

    Im not taking any classes this summer. I want to sit down, look at lots of code and practice. Is there a good book that will provide with enough codes? I have trouble with coding when I'v never seen a close example to what Im trying to do.

    Thank You

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    Surely, there are some projects in those books and your previous textbook. You won't learn to program by parroting what other people have written already, and for the most part good books will know this fact. They will give you examples to demonstrate the language, or the algorithm or data structure you are covering (such as linked lists) with varying degrees of success, but little else.

    Projects, on the other hand, (if a book features them as a part of the learning process) are meant to be attempted by you first. For the purposes of checking your work, authors may write a booklet with solutions to all the problems which you can consult later, and pat yourself on the back.

    But you know, there's lots of ways to challenge yourself. Use the power of the Internet to find a project you would enjoy doing at some point. I don't want to judge what you can do, but I'm a bit nervous, personally. I would read Accelerated C++ since you have it; you'll learn a lot from that book first, and build a strong foundation, so that you can better judge what you can accomplish and what you should stay away from.

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    I actually dont have Accelerated C++ but I read about it in several sites and it seems like something that would help me.

    Im not really looking for a book of whole codes. I want to have segments of codes as examples to every step I take. So at the end I can apply all what I learned in a certain chapter to writing a program. And from what I read about Accelerated C++ it seems like it has that. Am I right?

    Thank You

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