Thread: Warnings during Compilation

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    Warnings during Compilation

    Hello there,

    I'm trying to compile C source on Solaris and I'm encountering the following error(s). I'm pretty new to solaris, hence please bear with me if this is pretty trivial.

    This is the command I'm using :

    cc -mt -I/opt/IBM/mqsi/6.0/include/plugin -I/opt/mqm/inc -I/export/home/mquser/testall -c/export/home/mquser/testall/Thread.c
    -o /export/home/mquser/testall/Thread.o


    following is the exception I can see:
    cc: Warning: option -/ passed to ld
    usage: cc [ options] files. Use 'cc -flags' for details

    How can I get this working?


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    Very strange.
    The -c option means compile only, so I dunno what it thinks it is doing trying to run the linker.
    You could try adding -# to the start of the command line to see what it is really up to, and post what you find if that doesn't help you figure out what is going on.

    Is there a space after the -c option?
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    Tried putting a space between -c and the path that follows?

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