Thread: General Question about networkprogramming

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    General Question about networkprogramming


    i searched a bit and found some terms for networkprogramming, like RPC and Socket-programming.
    I want to code an interface for Data-Exchange, where other programs (even over the network) can hook into it, and retrieve the produced data from the mainprocess, which runs on linux.
    What do you suggest or what is commonly used for this kind of use? It should be codable in C++, not C.
    I need an advice, so i don't get stuck with old or uncommon used technics.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Use a database like MySQL ?

    Your Linux based main process writes into the database (so you don't have to worry about network data sharing).

    Local (or indeed remote) apps can connect to the database and retrieve that data. Problems such as concurrent access are hidden from you by MySQL.
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    Thanks for the idea,

    i haven't thought of that, but i think, it isn't what i need.
    I want to use it, to get feedback from a process, so, if feedback is there, it triggers the sending/getting. It needs to be in realtime, without possible slowdowns of Databases.
    The best description would be like IPC but over the network, and not only on the same machine.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you can't use a database, but must connect to another process and communicate with it, then you have to use sockets (or some network library which ends up using sockets).

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    are there any recommended/commonly used libs for socket-programming?


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