Thread: Problem with using libsigc++

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    Problem with using libsigc++

    Hello all,

    i'm trying to get a program run with libsigc++. As startup i went through the walkthrough there and sort of used this tutorialpart for the program:

    Here is the code:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include "sigc++/object.h"
    #include "sigc++/signal.h"
    using namespace std;
    class myFeedback : public SigC::Object
    	//Constructer and Destructor
    	void setFeedback(string);
    	sigc::signal<void> upData;
    	sigc::signal<void> upWarning;

    #include "myFeedback.h"
    // Constructor and Destructor
    BehaviorRealizerFeedback() {};
    ~BehaviorRealizerFeedback() {};
    void setFeedback(string mydata)
    	if (mydata == "data")
    		//store the data before emitting a signal
    	else if (mydata == "warning")
    		//store the warning before emitting a signal
    		cout << "Unknown Feedbacktype named " << type << " ." <<endl;
    It is not a standalone program, but trying to compile the project (this file), i get the error that the signals are "not declared in this scope" within "setFeedback", but i declared the signals in the header, like in the example in the tutorial. Anyone got some help?

    Thank you

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    > myFeedback.c
    I thought this was supposed to be a C++ program (not a C program).

    What exact compile command line and error message did you get?
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