Thread: Help with strcpy and arrays

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    Help with strcpy and arrays


    Im kinda new to this but here we go...
    How is it possible to copy a text string to an array
    I got this huge xml file where there are alot of cars.
    I want to make an Array which would consist of car names...

    <car>Audi A2 1.4 55 kW</car>   
    char *separate;
    char *car[2000];
    char row[2000];
    int m=0;
    //file opening procedure is also here.. thats not necessary right now.
    fgets(row, sizeof(row), filename);
    separate=strtok(row, "<>/n");
    /*So if the separated text string is car, I would like to copy the NEXT seperated text string into an Array... but unfortunately an application error jumps out....
    The instruction at "blablabla" referenced memory at"blablabla". The memory coulnd not be "written". Click ok to terminate the program*/
    if(!strcmp(separate, "car")){strcpy(car[m],strtok(NULL, "<"));m++}     //my bets, mistake is there <<
    }while(separate=strtok(NULL, "<>\n");       // < untill the row ends
    I hope u understood.... if not, tell me... ill try to explain more.
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    The first call to strtok needs the string you want to tokenise.
    Subsequence calls to get the next token in the same string pass NULL.

    Why not use a library which understands XML (eg. expat) so you can focus on the data itself?

    Oh, and see the FAQ on why using feof() to control a loop is bad.
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    Instead of using char arrays to store that information, why not just use vectors for each car name?

    Maybe that would make it easier i dunno.

    Good luck!
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    thx guys but I got a good tip from another forum ) which helped alot

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