Thread: Pairing Woes...

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    Pairing Woes...

    Hey all,

    I've been writing a nice & simple scripting system, and so far have been doing pretty well, except for the multitude of complilation errors (just simple mistakes )..

    My main issue is that I'm using std::map as a table of commands, with a key, and a function pointer to process the command.
    The problem comes with using insert() to add a new element, in particular, the make_pair function.

    Here's the code:
    void Machine::Command(std::string key, bool *FuncReference(std::string, Stack))
        _commands.insert( make_pair(key, FuncReference));
    And the error:
    C:\MinGW\bin\..\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5\..\..\..\..\include\c++\3.4.5\bits\stl_pair.h:74: error: field `std::pair<const std::string, bool*()(std::string, Stack)>::second' invalidly declared function type
    I'm really quite stuck with this. Maybe because I haven't slept in 4 days, but hey...

    I'll keep screwing around with this thing, right after I get some sleeeep.. Help is still appreciated though.


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    bool (*FuncReference)(std::string, Stack)
    Function pointers.
    CProgramming FAQ
    Caution: this person may be a carrier of the misinformation virus.

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    Ergh, Sorry... That Copy & Paste was from an older file saved on my Harddrive. Turns out I am using the syntax you suggested above, queerest thing is, I still get the error....

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    Can you post the simplest, smallest complete example that demonstrates the problem?

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