Thread: global functions and OO

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    global functions and OO


    I never want to have any global functions, instead I always try to put them somewhere..

    Im unsure if I should put global functions inside namespace, struct or class (as static functions).

    For instance:
    Lets say I have int my_random() function, that returns random number.

    Should I put it inside a namespace or struct/class?

    I noticed most of OO programers would do:

    namespace various {
      int my_random() { }
    So what is the best approach?

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    From a design standpoint, it doesn't make sense to add a method to a class that doesn't have anything to do with that particular class. So yes, I would say the best approach is to add that function to a namespace with other various utilities, if you're really that concerned about it.

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    I would put such free functions inside a suitable namespace, since that is what namespaces are for.
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