Thread: 32bit - 64bit portability

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    32bit - 64bit portability


    I have a lame question.
    Is there any way to make application that will run on 32bit system and also on 64bit system?

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    The same way that 16 bit programs manage to run on 32 bit systems perhaps?

    To get more benefit, you need to recompile the code using a new compiler targeting the new processor. If you've written the code well enough, that is all you should need to do.

    However, there's usually some fixing to be done along the way.

    Tools like lint can warn you about portability problems.
    Also, the newer visual studio compilers are also able to warn about potential portability problems in advance, so you can start fixing them in preparation for the future.
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    depends what os you are on, for windows this information may be useful for you:
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