Thread: Msn Protocol (Freezer) Help

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    Msn Protocol (Freezer) Help

    Dear programmers,

    I have recently started working on developing an msn messenger freezer for Windows Live Messenger 8.1. The protocol is pretty new and i'm not sure how to do it... none of my friends who have done it want to share it with me or even tell me how to do it so I've joined this community in hope for finding out how. Some of you have probably already heard of a program that remotely connects to any inputted msn account and freezes it so the user can't log in.
    Thanks in advance

    Your new member,


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    1. You need to wait more than 10 minutes before bumping your post with nothingness.

    2. This reeks of "denial of service", so you're not going to get a lot of help from here.
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