Thread: Simple file input question?

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    Simple file input question?

    Evening all,
    I'm using the code:

    if (myfile.is_open())
        while (! myfile.eof() )
          for(int b=0;b<PlayListLength;b++)
          getline (myfile,line);
          Title = line;
          getline (myfile,line);
          Artist = line;
          getline (myfile,line);
          Length = line;
          Playlist[b] = new Mp3(Title, Artist, Length);
    To read from a file and use three lines at a time to create a new mp3 within an array. I need the third value (Length) to be read as an int instead of a string.

    Can anyone help?!

    Thank you very much.

    Leigh Rogers

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    You can use formatted input with the overloaded operator>> for input streams. I am guessing that both Title and Artist are C++ strings, so you really do not need to use the line variable. Your nested loops is likely to be problematic, since if the input file has more Mp3s than your array allows, you will find that it overwrites some of the earlier Mp3s. You should probably use a std::vector instead. You probably should not control the loop with myfile.eof() anyway. One possibility is:
    for (int b = 0; myfile.good() && b < PlayListLength; b++)
        if (getline(myfile, Title))
            getline(myfile, Artist);
            myfile >> Length;
            myfile.ignore(std::numeric_limits<std::streamsize>::max(), '\n');
            Playlist[b] = new Mp3(Title, Artist, Length);
    Out of curiosity, are you sure you need to store the Mp3 objects via an array of pointers?
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