Thread: How would this look if I used fstream?

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    How would this look if I used fstream?

    Hi ~

    I found this code on Planet Source Code. It performs some file I/O to read ID3 tags in MP3 files. Here it is:

    class ID3struct
                char TID[3];
                char title[30];
                char artist[30];
                char album[30];
                char year[4];
                char comment[30];
                BYTE genre;
                HANDLE hFile;
                DWORD read;
                char ID3[128];
                hFile = CreateFile("bond.mp3",  // file to read
                                   GENERIC_READ,   // open for reading
                                   0, // do not share
                                   NULL,// default security
                                   OPEN_EXISTING,  // open file if exists
                                   FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, // normal file
                                   NULL);     // no attr. template
                SetFilePointer(hFile, -128, NULL, FILE_END);
                ReadFile(hFile, ID3, 128, &read, NULL);
                memcpy(&ID3Data, ID3, 128);
    I don't actually understand anything that is going on here... I wonder if anyone could herlp me put this into fstream? (i.e. using #include <fstream.h>)

    Thankyou so much, I hope that this isn't too much to ask...

    ~ Chris Howarth

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    Substitute CreateFile() with your ifstream constructor, remembering to open the file in binary mode using std::ios::binary. Substitute SetFilePointer() with the seekg() member function, and ReadFile() with the read() member function.

    Oh, and it is <fstream>, not <fstream.h>
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    Ah thankyou!

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