Thread: boost iostreams and compression

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    boost iostreams and compression


    I've been trying to figure out another way to compress data from/to std::stringstream.

    Here is the source how I do it now:

     std::stringstream decompressed;
     decompressed << "somestring.....";
     std::stringstream compressed;
      boost::iostreams::filtering_streambuf<boost::iostreams::input> out;
      boost::iostreams::copy(out, compressed);

    Is there any way around this?
    I want to avoid boost::iostreams::copy because it takes 40% of this source execution time.
    How can I compress data directly to stringstream (to compressed in this example) without copying it?

    PS: i tried asking on boost user newsgroups, but noone replies

    Thank you very much for help

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    Must have missed the post on boost-users.

    Anyway, you mean that copy takes 40&#37; of the time of this snippet? Actually, I'd expect it to use about 95% - it's the only part that does any work.

    But you might try an array_sink instead of the stringstream as the target.
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    Could you give an example please?

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