Thread: Reading 2d arrays from file?

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    Reading 2d arrays from file?

    How do I read 2d arrays from files? I need to write a function that will read 2d arrays from a file and determine whether the array is symmetric, upper triangle or diagonal..How can I start

    symmetric meaning [i,j]=[j,i]
    upper triangle meaning if i>j and [i,j]==0
    diagonal meaning i<j and [i,j]==0

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    I need to write a function that...

    so, it's homework then!!!

    do it yourself.. and when you have trouble, ask SPECIFIC questions.


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    I have done it myself and made the functions. I just can't get the program to read the 2d array from the file correctly...

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    well we are not mind readers..... how can we help you fix your code if we cannot see it ??

    If you want help then help us a little.
    Read the thread entitled homework.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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