Thread: Problem Passing Values between functions

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    Problem Passing Values between functions


    I'm using visual studio 2005 on windows.

    I'm creating a struct that I'm trying to pass between
    functions. I set it up in a header file:

    typedef struct DataElement2 {
        char Sub[75];
        int Pos;
    } Substituent;
    I initialize it in my main function :

    SP = new DataElement2 [ 75 ];
    I want to pass this to another function where it gets populated.  The function's name is ev_num.  This function
    is called multiple times. Leaving other parts out for
    main function call:

    loop {

    int ev_num(Substituent *SP) {
     // figured out SubPosCounter in some code above (leaving out - know its correct)
     SP[SubPosCounter].Pos = t->p[branchid];
    When I print out SP at the end of my main function, its
    missing values that were found in the individual calls. Not
    sure what I'm doing wrong, seems like SP gets erased each
    time I call ev_num.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks like your SubPosCounter gets reset everytime you call ev_num. To fix this either make SubPosCounter static or pass SubPosCounter as an argument to ev_num(). The second approach is probably better in this case because that way you could call ev_num() later in the code with a reset SubPosCounter counter.
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    1. Check your subscript is in range?

    2. Maybe do
    ev_num( &SP[ SubPosCounter++] );
    so that the function being called has less dependency on the outside world.
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