Thread: Tracking the time w/c++

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    Tracking the time w/c++

    Ok, i'm trying to write a quick program that will grab the time now and then keep track of how many hours it's been since the time was first grabbed up to a certain # of hours.

    My plan is to have the program store the time in an ini file for access later. All I need to know though is how to make C++ understand what time it is now, and the next time I open the program, how many hours it's been since I grabbed the initial time, in 30 minute increments if possible.

    Any tips / links to tutorials / guidance is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could consider using time() from <ctime>. The FAQ says something about Working with dates and times.
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    Take a look at the date & time FAQ.

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    Thanks a lot to both of you! Good info there.

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    In addition, Boost has a Date_Time library that makes working with dates and times a lot easier.
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