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    C++ for xbox 360

    does anyone know how to make C++ games for the Xbox 360 console. If so can you tell me.

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    If your programming skills are flawless, then I understand you. Else, you're wasting time. A good game takes a lot of time and a lot of programmers to build it...

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    Strictly speaking, it's all a matter of getting the Xbox SDK from Microsoft. I estimate the price at a few thousand dollars. (rather old, thread is from 2005)

    Google turns up more stuff, but I'm too lazy to look through it.
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    the good news is that Xbox games are made with DirectX you should maybe email a gaming company or something, I bet they use Microsoft Visual Studio if it involves DX and C++
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    >the good news is that Xbox games are made with DirectX

    Actually, they are made with a variant of DX (called DirectX+, IIRC). So, writing straight up DX code doesn't guarantee cross compatability. Bottom line is you need the SDK CornedBee pointed out.

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    You could always use XNA. However, it uses C# and is somewhat limited.
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    Various games on the Xbox Live Arcade are made with XNA studio, and some of them are not made by a large bodied staff, so it's not a pipe dream to make a game on a smaller scale.

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    Microsoft was going to release free xbox 360 development kits for anyone with a copy of Windows XP SP2 or so I heard, though it uses C#.
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    You need XNA Game Studio Express and Visual C# 2005 Express.
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