Thread: SDL_CreateRGBSurface from with 16-bit images...

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    SDL_CreateRGBSurface from with 16-bit images...

    Ok... I'm using SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom a lot in my application. This is how I'm calling it:
    SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom(frame, resWidth, resHeight, colorDepth, resWidth*colorDepth/8, 0, 0, 0, 0);
    Where frame is the pixel data of a bmp, resWidth and resHeight the resolution of the bmp and colorDepth is the color depth in bits. Well, this works well with 24 or 32 bits bmps. However, it doesn't look good on 16bit bmps. This is how it looks:

    Do you know what the colors are like that?

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    BTW, I found out... I had to set the masks like this:

    RMask = 0x7c00;
    GMask = 0x03e0;
    BMask = 0x001f;

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