Thread: Why is fread sometimes taking so long?

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    Why is fread sometimes taking so long?

    Ok... I'm writting an application that loads bitmap data from a file and shows it at a specified speed... Ok, I'm having a problem with the speed of fread. At the beginning of the application, I open the file, get some info from the header and then start doing fread of each bitmap and showing it. However, these are the speeds I'm getting with each fread (in miliseconds):


    I should be getting 3~5ms of each fread, but I'm getting really slow fread lots of times... Before using fread, I was testing my application by doing a LoadBitmap and then doing a two GetDIBits to get the bmp data (exactly what my file contains now)... Doing that, I was achieving a stable 27 frames per second... As you can see, now I'm getting really poor FPSs and really unstable too... Damn, please tell me you know how to fix it...

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    1. Profiling - to be sure that the problem is fread and not some memory management that happends around
    2. Caching (read big chunks and then process them from the memory, not from disk)
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    Sounds like some other process/program is doing a bunch of disk IO and hosing up your game.

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