Thread: Passing as argument a part of a table

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    Passing as argument a part of a table

    I want to pass as argument a part of an array. I have thought to create a pointer of the same type as the array and pass the pointer instead of the array. Is this right? There is any better solution to my problem?

    Second solution (I just thought it): Can I pass the address of the first element + the sizeof(element) * (the number of the elements I want to omit)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can pass two pointers to denote the start and end of the range within the array. The common idiom in the C++ standard library is to have the end pointer point to one past the actual last element in the range.
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    myFunc ( &myArray[someIndex] );

    Or if you want the start of the array

    myFunc ( &myArray[0] );

    Which is more concisely written as

    myFunc ( myArray );
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