Thread: Finding the iterated type

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    Finding the iterated type

    Let's say I want to turn this:
    void calculate_randomness (int * begin, int * end) {
       int * manipulator_array = new int[end - begin];
       // mathematical analysis
    Into something this:
    template <typename RandIter>
    void calculate_randomness (RandIter begin, RandIter end) {
       RandIter::type * manipulator_array = new RandIter::type[end - begin];
       // mathematical analysis
    RandIter::type is a field I made up just for illustration purposes, but I would like to find its equivalent. If I am given a RandIter, how do I construct an object of type (*RandIter)?
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    You'll need something like this:
    typename std::iterator_traits<RandIter>::value_type value = *first;

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