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    SDL_LoadBMP file path...

    I have an application that as soon as it starts, opens a Windows Open File dialog letting the user browse for a video to open. When a video is selected, it starts playing. I want to do a setIcon on the video window. To do that, I'm using SDL_WM_SetIcon. I have to create an SDL_Surface from a bmp on disk, so I use SDL_LoadBMP...

    Now, I have to tell the path of the icon... I could give the full path, but that would mean it would only work on my PC. My idea was not to give any path, just the name of the image... But, the "default path" it seems to be using is the one where the video file is, no the one where the application executed... What can I do?

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    I'm not sure here, but would just using the filename not use relative addressing? Something like:
    message = load_image( "hello_world.bmp" );
    [edit] If its using the path from the video it seems you would have to navigate from there. So say your icon was in a directory called icons. the path would be "icons\hello_world.bmp", and you use full stops to go to the parent directory like: ".\hello_world.bmp". I think thats right.[/edit]
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    The problem is that the video may be anywhere... It may even be on a CD, to give you an example. The user has it wherever he wants...

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