Thread: Problem readinf from file...

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    Problem readinf from file...

    I have this as a private on my class:
    unsigned int cantFrames;
    And this is in its constructor:

    IPPHeader::IPPHeader(FILE* ippFile){
    	fread(&cantFrames, sizeof(unsigned int), 1, ippFile);

    My program hangs on that fread. I get that Windows "Send/Don't Send" error... I checked if ippFile was NULL, but it's not... What may be wrong?

    Oh, BTW, this is how I stored that data on the file, on a completely different application:

    FILE* ippFile
    ippFile = fopen(fileName,"wb");
    unsigned int cantFrames = 9;
    fwrite(&cantFrames,sizeof(unsigned int),1,ippFile);
    //I wrote more things, but it doesn't matter as I can't even read the first one...

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    You should be casting cantFrames:
    fread((char*)&cantFrames, sizeof(unsigned int), 1, ippFile);

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    No, it wasn't that... It was a silly mistake of my part... I was opening the file after that constructor was called...

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