Thread: Polymorphism Problem

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    Polymorphism Problem

    I was writing this simple polymorphism program:

    #ifndef SHAPE_H
    #define SHAPE_H
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    class Shape
    	virtual double getArea() const;
    	virtual double getVolume() const;
    	virtual string getName() const = 0;
    	virtual void print() const = 0;
    #include <iostream>
    #include "Shape.h"
    using namespace std;
    double getArea() const
    	return 0.0;
    double getVolume() const
    	return 0.0;
    When I compile Shape.cpp using Visual C++ 6.0 it come out with errors message:
    Shape.cpp(7) : error C2270: 'getArea' : modifiers not allowed on nonmember functions
    Shape.cpp(12) : error C2270: 'getVolume' : modifiers not allowed on nonmember functions

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    >> double getArea() const

    In Shape.cpp
    double Shape::getArea() const { ... }
    Same with getVolume()

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    twomers already answered your question, but might also consider these pointers:

    1. Fully qualify all names used in header files. For example, use std::string instead of string. The reason is that someone who includes your header file might have say, a class named string (for guitar strings?), and consequently there will be a name collision.

    2. Since Shape is a base class, it should have a virtual destructor. I am not entirely sure if this matters when you do not have any member variables, but it is good practice anyway.
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    It matters. Functions with virtual member functions always have state. (Typically the vptr, but that's an implementation detail.) Deleting an object through a base pointer is always undefined behaviour if the base doesn't have a virtual destructor. That's just how it is. Just because one implementation might not crash is no reason to omit it.
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