Thread: Hellp My Code!!!! Doesnt Work!!

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    Hellp My Code!!!! Doesnt Work!!

    #include "iostream"
    #include "string"
    using namespace std;
    void search_and_replace(char *text, char *search, char *replace);
    int main()
           char text[256] = "You can find and replace any part of this line using this program.";
           char originalText[256];
           cout << "Your text is " << endl;
           cout << text << endl << endl;
           strcpy(originalText, text);
           cout << "search_and_replace(text, \"find\", \"search\")" << endl;
           search_and_replace(text, "find", "search");
           cout << text << endl << endl;
           strcpy(text, originalText);
           cout << "search_and_replace(text, \"and\", \"&\")" << endl;
           search_and_replace(text, "and", "&");
           cout << text << endl << endl;
           // ...
           strcpy(text, originalText);
           cout << "search_and_replace(text, \"this line\", \"a sentence\")" << endl;
           search_and_replace(text, "this line", "a sentence");
           cout << text << endl << endl;
           strcpy(text, originalText);
           cout << "search_and_replace(text, \"this\", \"the\")" << endl;
           search_and_replace(text, "this", "the");
           cout << text << endl << endl;
           return 0;
    void search_and_replace(char *text, char *search, char *replace)
           char *pStart;
           char *pTemp;
           char *pOriginal;
           pOriginal = text;
           if ( (pStart = strstr(text, search)) == NULL )
                 cout << "No search string found." << endl;
           pTemp = new char[(pStart-text)+strlen(replace)+(strlen(text)-strlen(search))+1];
           strncpy(pTemp, text, (pStart-text));
           pTemp[pStart-text] = '\0';
           strcat(pTemp, replace);
           text += (pStart-text)+strlen(search);
           strcat(pTemp, text);
           text = pOriginal;
           strcpy(text, pTemp);
           delete pTemp;
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    You might want to use code tags and format your code correctly, with indentations, then we might even consider reading it. And "my code doesn't work" isn't really a good description of the problem, that's like saying "my car isn't working", there could be tons of different problems.

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    Your topic names to date:

    • Help!!!! String!!
    • Hellp My Code!!!! Doesnt Work!!

    In this topic you just dumped your code without formatting it properly (ie. using code tags) or even telling us exactly what isn't working.

    Read my signature, and then read this:

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    It's not enough to simply scatter [code][/code] tags liberally through the post just to get the post checker to STFU, you have to understand what it's trying to tell you.

    So rather than getting an answer, there are now 3 replies discussing the meta issues of how to make a good post in the first place, rather than what you want to know.

    So spend more time thinking about the presentation of your posts in future - meaningful titles, an actual question, and nicely formatted code.
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    You should also try to comment your code a bit?

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