Thread: Searching For D-Heap Resources

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    Searching For D-Heap Resources

    Hey everyone.

    I searched the FAQs, the site itself and the board, as well as some extensive Google searching and the few C++ Books I have for information about D-Heaps, but I frequently come up with little of use. I've even checked some STL resources and searched Microsoft's MSDN.

    What I understand is that a d-heap is similar to a binary heap, except each node has at most d children (that is, a binary heap is a 2-heap); but I'm finding little information beyond that to assist me in using one, implementing one, or if necessary, coding an entirely new one.

    I suppose I could modify a binary heap, but at that point, I'm not sure how to go about inserting a new value into the heap.

    I don't need anyone to write anything for me; just to point me to any good resources that discuss or demonstrate d-heaps which I may have missed somehow. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I should also note that I do not have much money currently, so I'm afraid I can't afford many good books on data structures.
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    D-Heaps, as you describe them, are not fundamentally different from binary heaps, and that's why there is no information specifically on D-Heaps. Sorry, but the resources you are looking for just don't exist.

    The algorithms are basically the same as binary heaps.
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    Thanks for the reply. Indeed, after waiting some time for a response to this thread, I did more poking around and eventually found some source code that someone else had written for a DHeap, but found it to be of little use overall.

    Rather, I studied up on Binary Heaps a bit more and realized I was stuck in the BST mentality, and didn't approach the idea of a DHeap as what is essentially an array. I continued to look at it in terms of Left and Right nodes, etc.

    Thus, I've resolved to simply write my own DHeap algorithms based off of Binary Heaps but with some extensive modification to make it more suitable to my needs.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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