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    using TlistVIew

    I am new to C++ programming at and currently i am
    using C++ builder...

    can you guys help me to create and format TListView dynamically.
    I will create and format it through code...

    the output would look something like this...

    No.        Header1   Header2 ......  Header5
    1              1        2               5
    2              2        3               6  
    10             10       11             14
    thnx guys...
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    Post an attempt first, then people can comment, make suggestions ect
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    currently i am still trying to create it dynamically thru the code

    TListView* pListView;

    i have this statement both in the .cpp and the .h
    but i am encountering errors.

    please assist in helping me create it dynamically.
    help in builder is not showing how to dynamically
    create a TListView.


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    I am trying to make a ListView dynamically.
    i patterned my code to what is given in the help file
    however when i execute the code, nothing is displayed
    on the form (blank form)
    what could be missing in my code... please help.

    void __fastcall TForm1::FormCreate(TObject *Sender)
      TListItem  *pListItem;
      TListColumn *pNewColumn;
      TListView *pListView;
      const char Names[6][2][10] =
        {"Michael", "Johnson"},
        {"Bunny", "Bugs"},
        {"Silver", "HiHo"},
        {"Simpson", "Bart"},
        {"Squirrel", "Rocky"}};
      TListView   *pListView = new TListView(this);
      pListView->Parent = this;
      pListView->Align = alClient;
      pListView->ViewStyle = vsReport;
      pNewColumn = pListView->Columns->Add();
      pNewColumn->Caption = "Last";
      pNewColumn = pListView->Columns->Add();
      pNewColumn->Caption = "First";
      for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++)
        pListItem = pListView->Items->Add();
        pListItem->Caption = Names[i][0];

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    i fixed my problem with TListView...
    i am able to create it as well as format and write
    the column and row headers...

    now, how do i put the actual data....
    what propoerty of TListView do i need to use?
    is it Item ????

    if anyone can teach me the syntax.. it would be
    a great help...

    thnx in advance...

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    I imagine you go back to the manual, and find out what other methods there are besides Add()
    > pListItem = pListView->Items->Add();
    which implements the functionality you want.
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