Thread: how to handle exceptions

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    how to handle exceptions

    hi...i m learning the concepts of exception handling and trying to run my first program using try- catch block.
    the problem is the compiler is not able to identify try and catch keywords.
    is there a problem in the compiler or do i have to include any special header file for it.??
    plz guide me...the code is as follows:

    void  main()
      int a,b;
      int x=a-b;
           if(x!=0) cout<<“Result (a/x)”<<a/x<<“\n”;
           else throw(x); 
      catch (int i) 
            cout<< “Exception caught”<<i<<“\n”;

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    can nobody help me out..????
    plz stuck....

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    you only waited 10 minutes before bumping your thread! gonna have to have more patience than that

    note, you are using C-style header files.. get rid of the '.h'. and change 'void main' to 'int main'.

    edit: it looks your logic actually works, however your program doesnt compile under a C++ compiler. after you get it to compile, your exception handling will work.
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