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    != Overloading

    I am trying to overload the != in my method. I am not getting any errors in my program, but my output is just not coming up. Basically, I just want my cout to work and I really don't care about != in my coming up with anything but true right now, cause I know i can alter it later. Thanks for any help anyone can offer me.
    Here is my code:
    //in my main:
    	if (test != test2) cout << "They are equal" << endl;
    	else cout << "They are not equal" << endl;
    //in my header:
    bool operator!=( const StringList &right ) const;
    //in my class
    bool StringList::operator!=(const StringList& s2) const{
    	return true;
    Basically, the words They are equal and They are not equal are not showing up, even though They are equal should always appear as the != always returns true.
    Thanks again for any help anyone could offer me.

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    Something else is going wrong. That is an if/else, so one of the two output messages should always appear. Can you post more context to the main code.

    Your operator!= declaration and implementation look fine.

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