Thread: This error is bugging me!

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    Question This error is bugging me!

    The error is marked as a comment and in italics.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <time.h>
    void initialize_number_generator(void);
    void choose_new_secret_number(void);
      char answer;
      int guess, secret_number, num_guesses = 0;
      printf("I have a number between 1 and 1000");
      printf("Can you guess my number?");
      printf("Please type your first guess");
      do {
        printf("Enter guess: ");
        scanf("%d", &guess);
        if (guess == secret_number) {
          printf("You won in %d guesses!\n\n", num_guesses);
          return 0;
        } else if (guess < secret_number)
          printf("Excellent! You guessed the number!");
        printf("Would you like to play again (y/n)?");
        scanf(" %c", answer);
      } while (answer == 'y' || answer == 'Y');
      return 0;
    } // end of main
    void initialize_number_generator(void)
    srand((unsigned) time(null)); // 'null' undeclared [first use this function]
    } // end of initialize_number_generator
    void choose_new_secret_number(int secret_number)
      secret_number = rand() % 1000 + 1;
    } // end of choose_new_secret_number

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    In C++ a null value is used by the constant NULL. Capitalize it and the bug will go away, possibly to show different one.

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    You should change your #includes to the following:


    For all the standard includes the .h has been eliminated in C++. The .h extensions refer to the C style includes which could give you errors.

    I added the math header becuase I beleive that the srand() fxn is located there and that is what seems to be giving you the problems.
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    u don't need the math header for srand()

    but, u return a comment saying that u guessed the right number if the guess is less than the secret number

    also, if u use the new c++ headers, write using namespace std right after the list of headers.

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    1) I'd recommend to call choose_new_secret_number() with an int& parameter, don't forget to inform the compiler before you use the function with this
    void choose_new_secret_number(int& secret_number);
    2) If I guessed a 4 and the secret number was 5 the output would be
    "Excellent ..." because of <else if(guess<secret_number)>
    3) Write NULL instead of null
    4) Don't forget to call the Initialize-function, !(declaration==execution);
    5) good prog, though

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