Thread: Using database in C++ with SQL. is it posible???

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    Using database in C++ with SQL. is it posible???

    Is it posible to use some database outside of program and controt it with SQL.
    In final I want to write some program which would be only GUI(graphical user interface) of some database file.
    If it is posible can anyone give a direction how to do that??? Would be excellent if would be something like in code opening database file, and geting info using SQL


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    There must be dozens of database access libraries for C++. May I recommend SOCI?
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    I personally learned how to use MySQL with C++ and I must say that it is very easy to use and access and modify with the use of SQL syntax, so I would assume that there is a library that will allow for SQL database access in your C++ programs

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    If you do not need a full fledged database server, I suggest an embedded database engine such as SQLite.
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