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    File I/O

    Hello ~

    I'm creating a DLL that (basically) reads and writes ID3 data from MP3s. How can I, using the Standard Library (or fstream.h), read exactly 30 bytes, then another lump of data of specific size etc etc, while incrementing the file handle each time? (it might do this automatically, I don't know). I've only done text files before, and I don't know how to read actually bytes of data. Would arrays help here?

    Thanks ~

    Chris Howarth

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    Yes, you can use <fstream> from the standard library to read ID3 tags from MP3 files. After all, MP3 files are just files with binary data. The member functions seekg() and get() may come in handy, and remember to read in binary mode.
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    Oh yes, thanks!

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