Thread: Suggestion for the tutorial quizzes answer key.

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    Suggestion for the tutorial quizzes answer key.

    Just thought that it'd be nice if there were explanations in the answer keys, telling why the answer to a question is that answer. Like, for example, why the code needs to be that specific way or if it's a question of what out of these four is the correct thing to put in the code, it would explain why and would quickly go over (in a sentence or two.) what that specific thing does. In my opinion, it would greatly help the quiz taker understand more about the code and that specific lesson. Any thoughts?
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    I think one reason quiz questions do not give answers is because in programming, there is not one "set" answer. R=There are usually about three different ways to acheive the result. If you were told to program a certain way, you would stick to that pattern throughout. C++ gives you the freedom to layout and code your programs how you like. as long as you get the correct result.
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