Thread: Are auto pointers any good?

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    Are auto pointers any good?

    Hi guys,

    This is just a general programming practice question. I am embarking on a major project which entails a lot of number crunching over double precision floating point numbers using a linked tree structure as the basic object. It will probably do more than a trillion iterations over these structures.

    My question is, if I'm concerned with speed, should I go for traditional pointer allocation and deallocation? Or are the performance gains negligible compared to using auto pointers?

    I've never used them before, and I have occasionally forgotten to deallocate pointers, so if speed doesn't take a critical hit with auto pointers, I thought I might as well go ahead and use auto pointers to avoid memory leaks. If speed does suffer, I'll try to be more careful about my code.

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    Speed takes absolutely no hit on most operations on most smart pointers, on any halfway decent compiler. In particular, there should be no performance hit at all in using std::auto_ptr. Even something as complicated as tr1::shared_ptr only has a performance hit on copying, never on dereferencing, which is really the only operation worth worrying about.
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    Thanks for the reassurance.

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