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    Scripting System


    I'm trying to create an IRC Bot in C++, and it's going well. But an IRC Bot has to be extendable, an Irc Bot is no Irc bot if it can't be extended.

    So, I would like to embed a scripting language in my app. I thought of Ruby or python, which seems to be pretty popular. Other candidates are Javascript (spidermonkey) and PHP. I prefer these 2 languages because I know how to program JS and PHP (and not Ruby/python), but I've found a tutorial on spidermonkey, and it's a lot of work to export classes to Javascript, and I could find nothing about embedding PHP on my app.

    So I would like to ask if you know some scripting languages, which are easy to implent, and eventually some tutorials?
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    Maybe this will ease the interface woes -
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