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    Random Numbers

    Hey guys, I REALLY need a good random generator, not a seudo random generator that has the SAME combination of numbers every time. I wanted to maybe use the time but I didn't see any functions for converting to an int? So Im stuck with a time_whatever object. Any1 have any ideas for how I can accomplish a good random generator?

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    Perhaps you forgot to seed with srand()? Anyway, you could read up Prelude's article on using rand() and her tutorial on random numbers. She also has a Mersenne Twister library available at her website, which I modified and requested for comment in a rather neglected thread.
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    Thanks a lot, I'll take a look at those links.

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    Unless you're doing some serious encryption or need a very large range of random numbers, the standard rand() should work quite well. As long as you seed the random number generator with srand().
    #include <stdio.h>  /* for printf() */
    #include <stdlib.h>  /* for srand(), rand() */
    #include <time.h>  /* for time(), time_t */
    int main(void) {
        srand((unsigned)time(NULL));  /* only call srand() once! */
        printf("Your random digit is: &#37;d\n", rand() % 10);  /* sorry, Prelude */
        return 0;

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    Hehe, good thing you added some code to support what you were saying because I was seeding before but I realised that I was contradicting your comment about only call srand() once!

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