Thread: Reading large number from file

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    Reading large number from file

    please delete this .. i put it in the wrong forum. sorry


    Im trying to read a large number from a file, into a variable and then print it.

    This is what i have tried, but i am getting a seg. fault. (ive attached the file as well)

    long current;
    FILE *inFile;
    if (!(inFile = fopen("tests/100.tst","r")))
    	fprintf(stderr, "tests/100.tst cannot be opened!\n");
    else {
    	fscanf(inFile, "%d", &current);
    	printf ("\n%d\n", current);	

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    This won't fit into any integral type (long). You'll need to treat it as a string (or array of characters).

    (Your format flag - d - is also wrong, I guess.)

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