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    i really need help regarding C++ programming; the project i have to do has to do with structs and classes; here is the problem:
    Robert Day, basketball coach at Indiana College, wants to write a program to help him analyze information about his basketball team. He wants a record for each player containing the player's name, position played, high school graduated from, height, scoring average, rebounding average, grade point average, and seasons of eligibility remaining. You should design a class to represent a player as an abstract data type.
    The program should read the information for each player from a data file. The output should include an alphabetized list of names together with other pertinent information, a list sorted according to scoring average, an alphabetized list of all players with a grade-point average above 3.0, and an alphabetized list of high schools together with an alphabetized list of players who graduated from each school
    *i really need this for my Computer Science class and i would be extremely grateful.....please!!! i know this is a lot but i REALLY need this to pass the course..infinty please!!!!!!!!!!
    **if you could, add in comments to each function....but if it's too much of me to ask, then just ignore it......thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you x100000
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    Wow, this is a first...

    Do my homework, becuase I'm too lazy to do it myself! While you're at it, comment it, because I'm too lazy to look up what the functions we studied in class do!

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    you could at the very least write some code first, if you are unable to do it yourself then you wont pass because you cannot receive the module objectives. Why do you think you are there?

    the board is here as support - most of us are helpful when we can be - we are not here to write code for students that can simply not be bothered to do it themselves.

    it has nothing to do with the fact you are a student, just the do this while i go and ... attitude. Write the code - if you have problems - ask specific questions.!

    you also include you email address - not only am i too lazy to code it myself - im also too lazy to come back to this board so mail it to me. the world doesnt work like that.
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    > but if it's too much of me to ask
    But since your IP is logged, I could just forward the answer to your tutor - hows that for service?.

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