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    tangent recursion

    im just curuios but the book im using only shows you how to do a recursive sine function... how the heck would you do a tangent function, with its mathematical approximation ? like, here:

    anyone have code online regarding this?

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    I guess at some point, you need to start trying stuff for yourself rather than assuming you can find an example either in a book or online.
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    I thought that if you already the mathematical formula with the Epsilon addition operator, that the rest would be trivial. I mean, getting from the epsilon notation to a for() or even recursion is nearly automatic:
    Epsilon(1, infinity) f(x)
    sum = 0;
    for(x = 1; x < infinity; x++)
        sum += f(x)
    sum = 0;
    while (x < infinity)
        sum += f(x++)
    function sum(x)
        return f(x) + sum(x+1)
    Change the above code slightly to add stop conditions and you're done.

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