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    Question more than one return parameter

    I am having problems finding infromation on using the &x I know how it is used... I am just wondering about general functions that return more than one parameter, looking for practical examples...

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    A function can only return one parameter. You could i suppose return a pointer to an array or struct of data though.
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    I mean &x pointers, for instance one example I have is adding, subtracting, and multiplying 2 different numbers, and having the results returned... but I need other practical examples

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    Here's a simple example.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
       double a, b, s, d, p, q;
       cout << "Enter two numbers:";
       cin >> a >> b;
       cout << a << "+" << b << "=" << s << endl;
       cout << a << "-" << b << "=" << d << endl;
       cout << a << "*" << b << "=" << p << endl;
       cout << a << "/" << b << "=" << q << endl;
       return 0;
    void calculate(double a, double b, double &sum, double &dif, double &prod, double &quot)
       sum = a + b;
       dif = a - b;
       prod = a * b;
       quot = a / b;

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    thanks for example... but that is the one I already have... I was looking for other practical examples...

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    References or else pointers are the best way to go. Use the example, it's very practical. If you have a group of data than create a class and pass it by reference to the caller.
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