Thread: Array of Vectors amd other STL questions

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    Why not post your corrected code? That way we all can learn too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup (2000-10-14)
    I get maybe two dozen requests for help with some sort of programming or design problem every day. Most have more sense than to send me hundreds of lines of code. If they do, I ask them to find the smallest example that exhibits the problem and send me that. Mostly, they then find the error themselves. "Finding the smallest program that demonstrates the error" is a powerful debugging tool.
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    the main problem of mine was that, i put the items in the set, and the way i put sorted the items according to their node number, instead of the cost. some little modifications corrected the code. here is the corrected code:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdio>
    #include <set>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <ctime>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <vector>
    #include <algorithm>
    #include <utility>
    //#define ii pair<int,int>
    #define MAXV 8002
    #define UNDIRECTED 1
    #define MAX 0x7fffffff
    int startv = 1, finalv = 0, nvertex, nedge;
    using namespace std;
    FILE *in,*out;
    //ifstream in("");
    void dijkstra();
    void read_file();
    struct ii {
        int first;
        int second;
        ii(int a,int b) { first = a,second = b; }
    bool operator<(const ii &a, const ii &b) { return a.first < b.first || (a.first == b.first && a.second < b.second); }
    vector<ii > m[MAXV];
    int main() {
        clock_t start = clock(), end;
    	end = clock();
    	printf("sure : %f\n",(float)(end-start)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC);
    void read_file() {
        in = fopen("","r");
        finalv = nvertex;
        for (int i=0; i<MAXV; i++) m[i].reserve(100);
        for (int i=0; i<nedge; ++i) {
            int v1,v2,w;
            if (UNDIRECTED) m[v2].push_back(ii(v1,w));
    void dijkstra() {
        set<ii > Q;set<ii >::iterator var;
        int d[MAXV]; for (int i=0; i<MAXV; i++) d[i] = MAX;
        d[startv] = 0;
        while (!Q.empty()) {
            ii cur = *Q.begin();
            int v = cur.second;
            for (vector<ii >::iterator it = m[v].begin(); it !=  m[v].end(); it++) {
                int v2 = it->first, cost = it->second;
                if (d[v2] > d[v] + cost) {
                    if (d[v2] != MAX) {
                        var = Q.find(ii(d[v2],v2));
                        if (var != Q.end()) Q.erase(var);
                    d[v2] = d[v] + cost;
    the bolds fixed the problem.

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