Thread: A heap of structs

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    A heap of structs

    I have a vector of structs and I want to make it into a heap or priority queue.

    I've looked up examples of how this is done with integer arrays using both make_heap() and priority_queue<>, but how does one specify the ordering of a struct? It's no longer a simple matter of throwing in greater<int> or less<int> as the comparator argument.

    I suppose I could write my own comparator function, but what's the syntax when calling it in these cases?

    Any help/resources would be appreciated.

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    If you are using a function object for your comparator, you would instantiate that function object as you called make_heap. If you are just using a function, then you would pass it as a function pointer:
    make_heap(container.begin(), container.end(), Comparator()); // Function object
    make_heap(container.begin(), container.end(), comparator);   // Function pointer
    Another way is to overload operator< for your class (struct).
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