Thread: Ini class i made

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    Ini class i made

    Hello. I made this open source INI class that can be used to parse ini files and read/write values to ini files.
    Heres the link:

    What do you think of it?

    BTW: It only supports single character text files, not unicode or whatever its called that is used by chinese computers...

    EDIT: The type of feedback i want is what you think of my code. - this guy says my code is crap but he didnt provide a reason. I dont see why its crap so can anyone help out?

    Also i've posted code before in IRC without very similiar coding style as that and someone replied that i really need to work on how i present my code to make it more readible. I was confused because i see people post code that is very hard to read, with almost no styling and no-one says anything about it. Is there anything wrong with my coding style?
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    MSN says you should use the reg now instead of ini.

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    MSN? You mean MSDN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queatrix View Post
    MSN says you should use the reg now instead of ini.

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    Because the bigger the registry is, the more information you lose when it gets corrupted!

    I'd guess it's because the registry is always in one place, whereas INI files could be moved or something. But I don't know if that outweighs the disadvantage of having a huge, bloated registry.

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