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    cstring header file


    I was writing a code with strlen and strcpy functions, and I realized that I forgot to include <cstring> header file. But the program run without any problem. My program included <iostream> header file and I am wondering if <iostream> contains <cstring> header file.

    I tried the following code:

    //#include <iostream>
    int main()
        char arr[5];
        std::strcpy(arr, "Hey");
        return 0;
    When I omit first line, the compiler gives an error saying strcpy is not a member of std, but when I include the first line, it runs fine.


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    I am wondering if <iostream> contains <cstring> header file
    Possibly, but you should not depend on that, as it may vary from compiler to compiler. Just #include <cstring> yourself.
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    Oh, Ok. Thanks.

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